Lately motivation is hard to come across. It is much like that remote that is just out of your reach, and you don’t want to break the seal of your warm blanket to reach out into the cold. 


“When all is said and done, more is still said than done”


I realize the irony of writing this, but hell, did I not say this is my newest attempt! Two days ago I gave up an activity I enjoy greatly, it was a social one, albeit a frowned upon activity by society. This is because as much as I enjoyed this activity, motivation and productivity greatly decreases. I am sure that you can guess what this activity is now haha. Two close friends gave it up, so I’m not alone in this. Thanks you two, if you ever read this.


The next few months of school will be hell, but what price to pay for your education (a goddamn hefty student debt too), as education is an investment. Till next time MJ. Image



I used to write alot. I used to read a lot. I used to read a lot about things. Now I read a lot about nothing. Funny how that works, how social media and brain “junk food” takes up much of our free time. Reddit has become a big time pit for me, even though I have learned much from it. I dont find reading as satisfying as i used to. Maybe its a mind block of some sort, maybe i grew out it. Whatever it is. I dont like it. 


Writing is an outlet for thoughts and emotions. Finding those words that come naturally and that translate smoothly is a gift. I’m still trying to rekindle that interest for it. I will try. I will do!