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The Magical Coachella Weekend

Back to writing!





I went to Coachella a few weeks back with a good friend of mine. This was a super last minute trip too and it was the best weekend of my life. It was a combination of meeting new people, having no plan and enjoying the moment. Well worth the good chunk of savings it took out of me haha.  If you read this friend, I want to thank you again for one of the best weekends of my life! 


If you ever read this friend, this post is for you!


Seriously though, 


A moment of epiphany, good talks, hardly any sleep, party festivities of all kind, having those “WOOO” moments much like wasted white girls, the dog swing we never sat on, finding places to hide from the wind, walking through camp in the middle of the night into the morning, seeing all those weird people, finding a guy in a borat banana hammock in the middle of the night tripping out on acid looking into lights,  dancing into the sunset, through the dust, skirting around stages, laying out in the deep house tent, waiting for showers, electric feel by MGMT, sets I do not remember, and everything in between. 


Moments like those you could hashtag for days. hahaha


and yes i would go again next year. hope you do to!