I have been in a thought conundrum recently. I think that’s the term. Its when you wake up and feel the need to do things. But there are so many things to do, that I don’t know what to do.T he best way to get out of this, to me at least, is to write things down. Now as much as I love carrying pens and pencils and journals around with me. I simply forget or certain situations do not allow me to have them. I have resorted to typing all of this. All this inane, dull useless stuff ha. oh well.

My keyboard is fucking up. Every time I use the right shift key it presses for a different key than what its supposed to on occasion. Small and inane, but those small and inane things add up in life. Much like the awesome little moments in life that matter the most.

Anyways, zero stinks like a musky dog, work at 1130, around the house mop, I have pictures to take, drawings to make, and costco to shop.

Also this picture of Flagstaff, Arizona is bitchin.


I want to.

I want to improve myself. To workout more so I can live longer and have more time to do things I want to do.
I want to learn how to draw. I want to learn how to create worlds that only reside in my head and translate that to paper. I want to create something I can be proud of. I want to see how far I can push my limits. I want to do so many things but so little time.

Start doing.

Tell me something that makes you happy. Something you’ve never shared before

One day

One day

There are certain things that don’t really come up in normal conversation with your close friends. One such subject is the fact that when you’re able to be in a room with someone and not have the need to entertain the other. When you are comfortable around someone without having to say a word is a true testament to how much at ease you are. Being able to let your guard down is akin to kicking your shoes off after a long day. It’s so liberating.

I think I have found it

The past few months, hell the past two years I have been in a receding tide kind of mood. I don’t know what to do with my life. I’ve been trying to figure it out. So far I have found out that I can deal with people, from working at the restaurant for the longest time. That just means I can work well in any job with people. HMM that narrows it down to like 50 million careers amirite.

I was thinking about computer science, but the math part does not appeal to me very well. I like computers, I like art, I like design. Computer design and marketing? Perhaps! This realization I have come to from sitting in my cold ass shower thinking of what to do. Its come to the point where I do not find any amusement in the things I had in life. Video games, skating, biking, hiking, photography. I want to be able to do this at home or on the go, but also have a home office to work from or even an office to call home when I do not want to be home. Toughie, I just have to buckle down and decide on what to do and stick with it.

BRB gonna drop my online web design class because I totally suck at it.