I Will Climb You


1 week into the new year, 2 desert trips and 1 snowshoeing trip later I am pooped. I have a lot of photos to share, thoughts to insight on and blogs to blabber a lot. I have taken it upon myself to just write, no zero days, I have come to realize that consistency is key when you want to develop a skill. Whether what you want to learn is rock climbing, cooking, social skills, work skills, as long as you keep at it, even if it is a little a day, it goes a long way. Someone once said to me “stop talking about it, and be about it!”

There is a lot of talking and not a lot of doing in all our lives. Taking action and actually doing something about what you want, working towards that goal, in manageable incremental bits of course is what gets you to where you want to be.


Snowshoeing. Basically hiking with an extra added level of difficulty. I thought I was in shape, but trekking around on large plastic claws on your feet, through snow, in higher altitude kicked my brash ass. I need to work out more, mountain men are truly the top class endurance athletes, braving altitude, exposure and giant rocks. Kudos to you Hom Teadle, I will one day follow you into the mountains and I will take your photos, even if it takes me quite a bit longer.

My dumbass brought all my camera equipment ready to take photos of the summit and forgot to bring a memory card. I always say the best camera you have is the one you have on you, but in this case, the best camera you have is the one that can save pictures. We were unprepared anyways, the San Jacinto summit is a place to conquer for another day. Kerry and I did snow shoe through the regular loop that people take, stumbling across notch 5 and the Tahquitz peak across the way. I stared at that rock capped summit for a long while atop a windy rock and contemplated how I would one day climb it and look over the edge into the abyss.

The forgotten memory card was just a part of a long day that did not turn out what we expected. First off, always start your day off with McDonalds, always bring too many things to carry, and eat all the wrong things. Lessons learned.




Four on January 4

Thank you for all the adventures, hair, love, hair, and loyalty. To be honest, I am not sure the exact date you were born, sometime right after the new year, in January to be safe. But for the sake of the catchy title, I am posting this today.

I got zero when he was a wee liddo lad, right out of his mother’s vaginal canal. Yep, not many dog owners can say they saw their buddy pop out and helped with the process. It was quite stressful, the whole birthing ordeal, a veterinarian visit, a few hours of lost sleep and many gaming sessions waiting it out later, 4 blind, baby huskies came out that looked much like naked mole rats.

Thousands of pictures, hundreds of adventures and many many miles later, we are here on his fourth birthday. Seeing as dogs have no sense of time, worry past the next meal or scratch, or even any sense of the past or future, only the present than this post is mainly for me to express what he’s helped me do.



This dudes been many miles, pulling me on my skateboard (13.8 mph land speed record on flat ground), hiking through mountains, deserts, cities, and neighborhoods. I am pretty sure if I had a Fitbit on my dog, the totals would be more than me on my bike.  He has helped me through the lows and highs of the past 4 years of my life and has given me unconditional love throughout. He’s been the subject of far too many snap chats, Instagram posts, and photos. But that is the beautiful part, the older he gets, the better the adventures, the better my photography, and heck, maybe even this writing thing will stick through. Many more adventures, pictures and hair to come!


Stepping forward..

Happy New Years,

Started off 2017 strong outside, literally, metaphorically and figuratively. Drove 2 and a half hours through sleet, rain, and snow to get to “someplace beautiful to wake up in.” The plans were hatched halfway throughout the day at work, as we trudged our feet through the long day that was the REI garage sale. (A tent sale of all the returned, usually used items that are 50-70% off that people fight for). Driving in the middle of the night in a huge torrential downpour towards a place unknown right before the bell dropped was kind of wild. There was a point where at 4,100 feet elevation, the wind blew horizontally and in of sleet form. Anna and I got to this location, did not think we would have any bathrooms or amenities and were fully prepared to do primitive camping in the cold, rainy desert. We came out to see this giant 5 story wizard tower just as the clock turned 12, looked at each other and were in shock and awe.


I want to bring all my friends here, its magic. There are boulders to climb, hike and scramble up, all right next to a homestead camp run by very nice German folk who moved from Indonesia to live out in the middle of the desert a stone’s throw from the Mexican border. The magic watchtower has a spiral staircase that starts as a gift shop down below showcasing many progressive views in the form of bumper stickers, hats, shirts and super spiritual crystals.  The energy and vibrations of the place were just what was needed to start the new year that is 2017 .

Going into something unknown used to be something that caused me great discomfort. This is because I believe I took things too seriously, I realize that now after many years worrying about things I should not of and do not have the power over (drawing from the quote

“Do not worry about the things you can’t change, or have no control over”

Nature is my therapy, nature is my church. I figure things out about myself out there. In the world of society, where things are thrown at you left and right, up and down. A bombardment of information from your phone, your social media, your watch, the damn advertisements from billboards and media. There is no time to self-analyze, no time to think, just of the things that are thrown at you. Part of the reason I started meditation practice is because I want to be able to have that feeling of being outside, inside.


I thank you, friends for inviting me outside at the start of the year, to climb, hike and ring it in out there. To a year full of growth, and exploration!