Four on January 4

Thank you for all the adventures, hair, love, hair, and loyalty. To be honest, I am not sure the exact date you were born, sometime right after the new year, in January to be safe. But for the sake of the catchy title, I am posting this today.

I got zero when he was a wee liddo lad, right out of his mother’s vaginal canal. Yep, not many dog owners can say they saw their buddy pop out and helped with the process. It was quite stressful, the whole birthing ordeal, a veterinarian visit, a few hours of lost sleep and many gaming sessions waiting it out later, 4 blind, baby huskies came out that looked much like naked mole rats.

Thousands of pictures, hundreds of adventures and many many miles later, we are here on his fourth birthday. Seeing as dogs have no sense of time, worry past the next meal or scratch, or even any sense of the past or future, only the present than this post is mainly for me to express what he’s helped me do.



This dudes been many miles, pulling me on my skateboard (13.8 mph land speed record on flat ground), hiking through mountains, deserts, cities, and neighborhoods. I am pretty sure if I had a Fitbit on my dog, the totals would be more than me on my bike.  He has helped me through the lows and highs of the past 4 years of my life and has given me unconditional love throughout. He’s been the subject of far too many snap chats, Instagram posts, and photos. But that is the beautiful part, the older he gets, the better the adventures, the better my photography, and heck, maybe even this writing thing will stick through. Many more adventures, pictures and hair to come!